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Rockstar Hints at GTA Online Summer Update

Image courtesy of Rockstar Games

Players have spotted hints that Rockstar are planning a Summer Update for GTA Online.

An official announcement has yet to come from Rockstar, but players and leakers have spotted some updates for the PC version of GTA Online that have hinted towards a Summer Update arriving soon. Known leaker Tez2 took to Twitter to share the recent update history for GTA Online.

"Not like we need more hints thanks to GTA+ event period, but the qalive branch is now receiving updates more often suggesting GTA Online Summer Update is nearing release," the Tweet read.

Tez2 then suggested that the update could be coming as early as this month. Claiming that the update history was "more semi-confirmation towards the update releasing on July 19th."

Rockstar's GTA+ membership event period is set to end on July 18, which is what suggests the update's release date of July 19. Of course, without official confirmation from Rockstar, these claims remain largely speculative.

As for what content players could be seeing in the Summer Update, it's still anyone's guess. For that reason, players should set their expectations accordingly.