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Rocky Road Special Research for Pokémon GO Explained

Image courtesy of Niantic

May Community Day for Pokémon GO is just around the corner, and with it is the Special Research event Rocky Road, now available for purchase in the Pokémon GO store. Here's everything you need to know about the Rocky Road event in Pokémon GO.

Rocky Road Pokémon GO

Rocky Road is the Special Research available for purchase for $1.00 in the Pokémon GO store. If players purchase the ticket giving them access to the event, they will get a brand new Special Research available to complete during May Community Day, which is coming up on May 21. May Community Day will feature Alolan Geodude, the Rock/Electric-type variant of the classic Kanto Pokémon.

Beyond the typical increased spawn rates and special moves available on Community for Alolan Geodude, players will gain access to increased rewards, candy, stardust, and even more Alolan Geodude encounters. Typically, given the spawn rates and existing rewards for the spotlight Pokémon, it hasn't always been necessarily worth it to purchase past Special Research tickets. However, for fans of Alolan Geodude, Graveler, and Golem it can be a nice, cheap way to get even more out of May Community Day. Additionally, for shiny hunting players, any opportunity to increase the number of encounters you'll have is a must-take, and the Rocky Road ticket is a good investment to do so.

Additionally, Niantic is debuting a brand new feature that allows you to buy an event ticket for a friend, so if you want to try that out and do something with a friend outside of a raid, an extra dollar to do so seems like a great deal.