Rodion Modern Warfare: Everything You Need to Know

Rodion is a top tier Spetsnaz Operator familiar with high tech weapons.
Rodion is a top tier Spetsnaz Operator familiar with high tech weapons. / Activision

Rodion in Modern Warfare is one of the many operators for players to choose from in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Nikodim "Rodion" Egorov stands out as one of the few Spetsnaz Allegiance Operators in the game. Here's everything you need to know about the Spetsnaz operative known for his technological prowess and knowledge of Hollywood action movies.

Modern Warfare Rodion Backstory

Nikodim "Rodion" Egorov is a Russian Allegiance Operator for the Spetsnaz faction. Rodion has previous experience working with a Russian special weapons company and was known as one of the top specialists in his company.

But Rodion's deployment in Verdansk marks the first active combat deployment in his career. He remains an active Operator with Russian being his first and most proficient language.

Modern Warfare Rodion Unlock

Rodion can be unlocked as an Operator by completing the Special Ops Operation: Paladin. Completing this mission also unlocks Coalition Operator Otter.

To complete the mission, players must infiltrate a storage facility and rescue Dr. Morales while defending a series of crates, gathering intelligence, and escaping alive.

Modern Warfare Rodion Skins

Rodion has three different skins for players to choose. Rodion's default skin is called Hollywood Hitman and shows both of his arms exposed with a bulletproof vest, helmet, and green pants making up the majority of his attire.

Rodion has a skin included in the Infiltrator Operator Bundle called Infiltration, which features an all black ensemble with most of his face covered.

Rodion also received a Season 1 Battle Pass skin called Recon, which has Rodion wearing goggles, a black shirt and light green camouflage pants.