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Rogue Revealed as Fourth Diablo IV Class

The Rogue is the fourth class revealed for Diablo IV.
The Rogue is the fourth class revealed for Diablo IV. | Photo courtesy of Blizzard, via DBLTAP

Blizzard revealed the Rogue, a new class joining Diablo IV's cast, during the BlizzConline opening ceremony Friday.

In a trailer showing off the new class, the Rogue can be seen wielding both a bow and a set of knives. Blizzard says it's emphasized customization with the Rogue, allowing for flexibility in the class's play-style. It's also Diablo IV's first dexterity class, and Blizzard says it offers a play style similar the Demon Hunter from Diablo III and the Assassin from Diablo II.

Weapon Imbue, the first of the Rogue's unique systems, allows players to build their kit around a single elemental style. They can swap the element on the fly, allowing for elemental damage versatility.

Rogues can also specialize in one of three categories: Combo Points, Shadow Realm and Exploit Weakness. Combo Points NPC rogues in Diablo IV will teach players skills in these specialties, which are mutually exclusive.

The Rogue joins the Barbarian, the Sorceress and the Druid as the classes Blizzard has promised for Diablo IV's launch in the semi-distant future; Blizzard says the game won't arrive until at least 2022. A fifth class remains to be announced.