Roller Champions Kickoff Season Battle Pass Detailed

Roller Champions' Kickoff Season launched on May 25, 2022.
Roller Champions' Kickoff Season launched on May 25, 2022. / Image courtesy of Ubisoft

Roller Champions and its Kickoff Season are here.

Dubbed as a brand new free-to-play, multiplayer online sports game, Roller Champions launched with its inaugural "Roller Pass" battle pass for players to nab some exclusive cosmetic items, emotes, goals FX and more. Here's everything you need to know about the Roller Champions Kickoff Season battle pass.

A system seen in just about every free-to-pay game these days, Roller Champions' Roller Pass is a game feature that rewards players with exclusive cosmetic items that are tied to the season and will not come back.

Progression in the Roller Pass is dictated by players’ fan progression. Players can earn fans by completing matches, claiming their daily bonuses and completing sponsor quests, which will all contribute to Roller Pass progression. Play, progress and unlock rewards.

There are indeed some free rewards available as well for those who do not buy the pass. These rewards are split between a free and a premium track:

  • Tier 1: Silver Fauxhawk hairstyle (free), Impulse top
  • Tier 2: Fame hands
  • Tier 3: Lootball (free), x100 Wheels
  • Tier 4: Tighten Muscles Emote
  • Tier 5: Umisan top (free), 77 Gold Skates feet
  • Tier 6: 4ever Vacay Hoodie top
  • Tier 7: 100 Wheels (free), Rosewell head
  • Tier 8: Surf skater banner
  • Tier 9: Up-and-Comer skater title
  • Tier 10: Umisan head (free), Back Alley hands
  • Tier 11: Cartwheel emote
  • Tier 12: 100 Wheels
  • Tier 13: Lootball (free), Pretzel Grab air pose
  • Tier 14: 77 Gold top
  • Tier 15: The Brave hands
  • Tier 16: Umisan hands (free), I Got The Blues feet
  • Tier 17: Knee Slide emote
  • Tier 18: 77 Gold hands
  • Tier 19: 100 Wheels (free), Ascending Star skater title
  • Tier 20: Speedsuit Black top
  • Tier 21: Acapulco Beach feet
  • Tier 22: Umisan feet (free), Candy Pink head
  • Tier 23: Red & Cozy top
  • Tier 24: Split Rocket air pose
  • Tier 25: 75 Gold Bandana head
  • Tier 26: Lootball (free), Ace Red hands
  • Tier 27: 100 Wheels
  • Tier 28: Solar Explosion goal effect
  • Tier 29: Roller Legend skater title
  • Tier 30: Anarchy top (free), Ricky the Rocket outfit

For the Kickoff Season Roller Pass in particular, since this first season will be just one month long, this pass features 30 tiers (with 41 rewards across both tracks). Future Roller Passes will feature more tiers as upcoming seasons will get longer.

The Roller Champions Kickoff Season Roller Pass costs 500 Wheels ($4.99). There is also a Roller Pass (+10 Tiers Unlocked) bundle that unlocks 10 tiers instantly in exchange for 1,500 Wheels, though players can't buy this option once if they've already purchased the base Roller Pass.

After buying the pass, players can also buy individual tiers to progress rapidly.

For those who decide to buy the pass late in a season, they will retroactively receive all of the rewards tied to the tiers they've reached.