Rolycoly Location, Evolution, Stats, and Rarity in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Rolycoly evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield is new because the character was just added to the game in the recently-released iteration. Here is everything you need to know about its location, stats and rarity:

Rolycoly Location and Rarity

Rolycoly location can be found in Galar Mine at levels 11-14 with a 35% find rate. It can also be found at Motostoke Riverbank at levels 26-28, Route 3 (Garbage) at levels 10-13, and Giant's Cap (on all three levels) at levels 28-34.

Rolycoly Evolution

Rolycoly evolves into Carkol at level 18, and eventually turns into Coalossal at level 34.

Rolycoly Stats

Rolycoly has the abilities Steam Engine or Heatproof with a hidden ability of Flash Fire

Here are Rolycoly's base stats:

  • Total 240
  • Attack 40
  • Special Attack 40
  • Defense 50
  • Special Defense 50
  • HP 30
  • Speed 30

Rolycoly is weak against Fighting, Steel, Water, Ground, and Grass type moves/Pokemon.