Rowan and Holger AC Valhalla: Which to Choose

Rowan and Holger are part of the “Mane and Tail” quest in AC Valhalla
Rowan and Holger are part of the “Mane and Tail” quest in AC Valhalla / Ubisoft

Rowan and Holger are part of the “Mane and Tail” quest in AC Valhalla.

Ubisoft’s newest installment into its flagship historical fiction series, Assassin’s Creed, has the player be the ultimate judge, jury, and executioner in quite a few cases. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is set in the Viking Era where honor is one of the highest principles a person can have. The game’s protagonist, Eivor, is often seen as an honorable warrior and thus is placed in the role of judge from time to time.

Rowan and Holger AC Valhalla

During the quest “Reporting on East Anglia,” Eivor will be directed to speak with Randvi in the longhouse. If they’ve already completed “The Tale of Thegn Oswald,” they’ll notice two individuals bickering in front of her. Players can either eavesdrop on them or speak directly to Randvi—both choices prompt the quest “Mane and Tail.”

Essentially, Eivor’s job is to listen to each side of the story and choose who is in the right. The crux of the story is that Holger, clan Skald, shaved off Rowan’s prized mare’s tail to make a paintbrush. Rowan demands compensation while Holger states that, as Skald, its within his rights to make use of whatever resources are necessary to create his works.

Siding with Rowan will have Holger pay Rowan a price for diminishing the horse’s value—at least for a time. However, siding with Holger will have Eivor remind Rowan that it’s only hair—which will grow back—and have Holger apologize for not asking first despite Rowan being asleep at the time. The two will walk away as friends.

In truth, the consequences of the quest are extremely minor on the story as a whole, so players should feel free to choose whoever they believe to be right.