Royal Greatsword Genshin Impact: How to Get it

Genshin Impact's Royal Greatsword is a rare and powerful claymore.
Genshin Impact's Royal Greatsword is a rare and powerful claymore. / Photo by mihoYo

The Royal Greatsword in Genshin Impact is one of the game's best weapons, making use of its extreme size and weight to deal plenty of damage. The weapon also specializes in landing critical hits, making it useful even beyond its base damage-dealing capabilities. Unfortunately, it's also fairly difficult to obtain. Here's what you need to know about adding the Royal Greatsword to your arsenal.

Royal Greatsword Genshin Impact: What You Need to Know

The Royal Greatsword is a four-star claymore said to be made of the finest materials in Mondstadt. Its base attack at level 1 is 44, and its passive, Focus, allows it to increase the player's critical hit chance with each successive strike. At its first rank, Focus raises critical hit chance by 8% per hit, maxing out at five stacks. Landing a critical hit resets the stacks.

The main way to obtain the Royal Greatsword is through Wishes. Each Wish has a base rate of a 5.1% chance to produce a four-star weapon. The average rate goes up to 13% including Pity. If a player hasn't won a four-star or above item after nine Wishes, the 10th Wish guaranteed to be a four-star or higher item.

The Royal Greatsword was also available through Starglitter Exchange in September, and appears to have returned for December. It costs 24 Masterless Starglitter.