Rumors Spread About DMR Nerf Being Reverted Appear to be False

Photo Courtesy of Activision

There has been plenty of discussion around Season One of Warzone. Mostly this talk has been surrounding the OP weapons such as the DMR, MAC-10. These weapons threw the game completely out of balance. Players across Warzone cried out for these weapons to be nerfed, from your average player to popular streamers and rappers saying these weapons are out of hand and need correction.

Now, after finally getting the nerfs we asked for, we have an issue where players think the nerfs have been reverted, and the guns are back to their OP state. Professional Warzone Player, Tommey went to Twitter to say "Hate to break it to you, but I think they reverted the DMR nerf..."

This had players in a panic, thinking that after a month of unplayable lobbies and outcry that the community was back to step one of fixing Warzone. This did get certain players interested in testing the theory to make sure this wasn't true. So Xclusive Ace took to testing out the theory himself.

While the rumors appear to be false, thanks to some fact-checking. This definitely gave players across Call of Duty a brief scare. Warzone had been on the right track, balancing guns and improving gameplay. To think that they would just abandon what they had accomplished for the community would've been devastating.