Rust Console Patch Notes Explained

Rust Console Edition Cover
Rust Console Edition Cover / Facepunch

Rust Console's Patch Notes for Update 1.03 has been released, fixing a slew of bugs bogging down many player's experiences. Keep in mind as the writing of this article, this update is only released for Xbox, and will release on PlayStation "as soon as possible" as said on a new blog.

Rust Console Patch Notes Explained

Rust Console Edition's patch notes released yesterday, fixing a lot of bugs plaguing the newly released survival-crafting titan on consoles.

One of the bigger bugs affecting gameplay was a collision error with ladders. Not only would player-placed ladders sometimes have skewed collision detection, but even the ladder leading down the hole in the garage of Oxum's Gas Station had also players forced to /kill seeing as they could not get back up from the ladder.

A smaller bug was fixed where on respawn, a player would sometimes not be given a rock and torch, just as you always do when you respawn, no matter what.

Two common crashes were also fixed; One UI crash while navigating the crafting menu, and another crash that sometimes occurred when mining ore.

Another huge freezing bug was fixed, specifically for Xbox, causing players to freeze up for four to five seconds, sometimes leading to death or being kicked from the server.

There were a myriad of smaller fixes with the team system, spawn point distribution, missing skins for players who bought the special editions, and Xbox voice chat error fixes.

Rust Console Edition is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.