Sadako 'The Onryo' Perks, Abilities, and Add-Ons in Dead by Daylight

Photo courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Sadko or The Onryo has hit PTB servers, giving fans a first glimpse at her abilities, perks, and add-ons. The newest killer was teased back in December, giving fans something to look forward to after the new year. The killer has the usual three perks, including a brand new Scourge Hook.

Set to release on March 8, let's dive into her kit.

Sadako 'The Onryo' Perks, Abilities, and Add-Ons

Sadako 'The Onryo' Perks

Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage

You form a psychic connection with The Entity and alter the rules of the trial. At the start of trial, up to four random hooks are changed into scourge hooks. You see their auras in white. When a survivor is unhooked from a scourge hook, all other survivors have their auras revealed for seven seconds.

Call of Brine

Your psychic abilities influence technology in devastating ways. After damaging a generator this perk becomes active for 60 seconds. The generator regresses at 200% of the normal regression speed and its aura is revealed to you. Each time a survivor completes a good Skill Check on a generator affected by this perk, you receive a loud noise notification.

Merciless Storm

Your horrible trauma is felt by everyone. When a generator reaches 90% progress, survivors working on the generator will be faced with continuous skill checks. If they miss or stop repairing, the generator is blocked for 20 seconds. Merciless Storm can only trigger once per generator per trial.

Sadako 'The Onryo' Abilities

The Onryo has a normal killer speed of 4.6m/s with a average terror radius of 32m.

Deluge of Fear

Manifestation Ability

The Onryo must physically manifest to attack survivors. Press and hold the Power button to Manifest into material form. For a brief duration after Manifesting, the killer will continue to be intermittently visible to survivors when within 32 meters. Afterward, she will be fully visible within 32 meters for as long as she remains Manifested. The killer can Demanifest by pressing and holding the Power button.

Projection Ability

The Onryo can also take material form by Projecting herself through a TV. Press the Ability button while looking at a powered a TV to Project into it, shutting the TV off in the process. All survivors within 16 meters of the TV gain Condemned progress. A fully condemned survivor is revealed by Killer Instinct and can be killed once downed.

Survivors can temporarily turn off TVs with the Retrieve Tape action. This adds Condemned progress to the survivor. While holding a tape, the survivor can continue turning off other TVs, further gaining Condemned for doing so. One specific TV will have its aura highlighted to the survivor. This TV allows the survivor to spread the killer's message by inserting the tape. Doing so removes some Condemned progress.

Sadako 'The Onryo' Add-Ons

Common Add-Ons

  • Videotape Copy: Projection does not inflict Condemned to nearby survivors. Gain 100% bonus Bloodpoints for Deluge of Fear score events.
  • Old Newspaper: Increases the Manifestation invisibility duration by 33%.
  • Mother's Mirror: Increases the Manifestation intermittent visibility duration by 2 seconds.
  • Cabin Sign: Decreases the time it takes for a TV to turn on after Projection by 12 seconds.

Uncommon Add-Ons

  • Yoichi's Fishing Net: Decreases the time it takes for survivors to gain condemned by 20% when holding a tape.
  • Well Stone: Decreases the time it takes for a TV to turn on afer being turned off by a survivor by 6 seconds.
  • Sea-Soaked Cloth: While survivors are within 8 meters of a powered TV, they are afflicted with the Blindness status effect. This effect lingers for 7 seconds after the TV is turned off.
  • Reiko's Watch: Increases the invisibility duration while Demanifested by 50%.
  • Clump of Hair: Decreases the range at which the killer is visible while Demanifested by 6 meters.

Rare Add-Ons

  • Well Water: Increases the duration of the Undetectable status effect by 2 seconds when Manifesting by any means.
  • Ring Drawing: Condemned survivors spread Condemned to other survivors who complete a healing action on them
  • Rickety Pinwheel: While survivors are within 8 meters of a powered TV, they are afflicted with the Oblivious status effect. This effect lingers for 7 seconds after the TV is turned off.
  • Mother's Comb: Reveals the yellow aura of any TV that is turned off by any means
  • Bloody Fingernails: Increases the duration of Projection bonus movement speed by 50%.

Very Rare Add-Ons

  • VCR: All TVs play the Projection effects when the Killer Projects to a TV.
  • Telephone: Manifestation afflicts survivors within 7 meters with the Hindered status effect for 3 seconds.
  • Tape Editing Deck: Each survivor starts the trial with a Tape in their possession and their target TV is the furthest from their location.
  • Distorted Photo: Survivors that witness Manifestation from within 16 meters scream, revealing their location for 4 seconds.

Ultra Rare Add-Ons

  • Remote Control: After using Projection, reveal the auras of survivors carrying a Tape within 16 meters of any TV for 7 seconds.
  • Iridescent Videotape: Hitting a survivor within 8 seconds after Manifesting turns on the last 4 TVs turned off by Projection.