Sakurai Dispels Rumors of Early Retirement in Full Column

Sakurai has no plans to retire early.
Sakurai has no plans to retire early. / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Despite rumors to the contrary, Kirby and Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai has no plans to retire from game development. However, he will end his weekly Famitsu column after writing it for 18 years.

Translated snippets of Sakurai's latest column appeared to suggest he was considering retiring from game development, but a full translation of the column commissioned by IGN clarifies that although Sakurai discusses what he might do once he finally does retire, he is clear in his desire to keep developing.

The column concerns a recent holiday Sakurai took, which he says was his first in a decade.

"During the break, I also keep thinking about life after I quit making games," he wrote. "Everybody grows old eventually, and it's not like I'll be able to keep on working forever. Speaking honestly, it would be nice to have a bit more free time. There's something pretty attractive about the idea of early retirement, right?!

"The question of 'How much longer can I keep working at this job?' does cross my mind pretty often. 'How long should I keep going for? What should I do afterwards?' I believe these sorts of questions are particularly unavoidable for people my age or older."

These thoughts ultimately build to Sakurai's announcement that he will end his Famitsu column once the last two Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters are released later this year.

"I'm not planning on quitting game development work after that or anything, but for the meantime, that's what I'll be focusing on!" he concludes.