Sal Terrae Genshin Impact: Everything You Need to Know

Sal Terrae Genshin Impact: The little island across the sea
Sal Terrae Genshin Impact: The little island across the sea / miHoYo

Sal Terrae Genshin Impact plays an important part in a few overworld quests.

The world of Teyvat is certainly vast for a Free-to-Play game. Players shouldn't be surprised, however, as miHoYo designed this game with open-world mechanics in mind. Every each of the map is used in one quest or another—including the small island of Sal Terrae.

Here's what you need to know about this land across the sea.

Sal Terrae Genshin Impact

Sal Terrae is a small, semi-circle-like island that hosts high cliffs, a center bay, a few beach shores, and an unmarked campsite located on the rightmost mass. When searching this campsite, players will find a book called the Diary of Roald the Adventurer—which activates a quest.

The diary speaks about how the temple of Sal Terrae, built by an unnamed God of Salt, may have been a refuge for civilians fleeing the destruction of the Archon War. The Salt God did not partake in the war for dominance like her fellow deities. Instead, she protected her people, and campaigned for peace among all the gods.

Unfortunately, in the end, she was killed by one of her followers—the first and last king of the island. Most of the city she and her followers build on Sal Terrae seems to have fallen into the ocean by now. However, adventurers may still be able to find the Salt God's body under the depths, lying in the same position she died when struck by the king's sword.

There is a seal in the same area as the campsite. At the time of writing, there seems to be no way of opening it. Players have suspected waiting for the rain, trekking up Mt. Qingce, and finding both the bodies of the Salt God and the last king. All of these hints are mentioned within the diary.

Some suspect the lost city may be what's hidden underneath.