Samurai Shodown Reveals Darli Dagger in New Trailer

Samurai Shodown, the upcoming samurai fighting game from legendary fighting game developer SNK, has revealed another character set to appear in the the game.

In a trailer released Thursday, SNK shows off newcomer Darli Dagger. Dagger grew up among pirates, learning to fight even as she studied shipbuilding. She uses a tool from her shipwright studies — a giant, custom-built saw — to shred her opponents. That same massive saw can transform into a drill, which Dagger uses to impale and bore holes in enemies.

The trailer shows off her scrappy fighting style against a variety of the game’s 15 other fighters. Two of those 15 are also new to the series: Yashamaru Kurama and Wu-Ruixiang. The other 13 return from elsewhere in the series, which hasn’t seen a new release since Samurai Shodown Anthology in 2009.

Samurai Shodown is set to arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4s outside Asia in June, with a PC and Switch release to be announced.

Photo courtesy of SNK Corporation