San Francisco Shock Mocks Up Overwatch Battle Royale Map

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

It's fair to say that Overwatch's unique, cartoony art style is one of its strongest aspects, allowing a sentient gorilla, a half-robotic cowboy and a healing witch to play in the same game together. While we've seen this art style work with a variety of factors, from the character design to the music, we haven't seen it used to add different game modes to the game.

For the most part, the game modes of Overwatch are the closest the game gets to being generic. With the bog standard Escort, Assault and Control, it's surprising that Blizzard never touched on adding in a few more modes to the game. While there have been seasonal events, most notably the surprisingly fun Lucioball, it's a shame that theres such a lack of variety given Overwatch's potential.

Nowhere was this potential more noticeable than when esports team San Francisco Shock showcased a now viral twitter image of a map concept for an Overwatch-themed battle royale game, under the name "If Overwatch was a battle royale part two, where you dropping?"

The image is made up of several maps maps from the game, with Blizzard World as the centerpiece, surrounded by Hollywood, Numbani, and several other maps. The picture instantly sparked a conversation in the comments, with many gamers arguing different strategies and how a battle royale game could work inside the universe of Overwatch.

While this was merely a picture of a map overlay, and no actual level exists, one can certainly imagine how cool a live game mode would be, and how well Blizzard would mesh the maps together.