Nikola "Sleepy" Andrews has been transferred from the San Francisco Shock to the Washington Justice.

Sleepy played the support role for the Shock in their inaugural season of the Overwatch League, but has primarily spent his time on the bench in the 2019 season with new addition Min-ki "Viol2t" Park playing as the Shock's starting support.

The Shock are one of the three dominant teams in the 2019 season and sit at third in the overall standings with an 8-3 record, with the caveat that their initial stage had a very difficult strength-of-schedule. The team is on a 16-map win-streak and look to set a new record.

The Washington Justice are at a 1-10 overall record and look to be one of the weakest teams, if not the weakest team, in the League. An underwhelming initial roster did not overturn expectations and has continued to disappoint. The addition of Yeon-joon "ArK" Hong has done little to turn around the Justice's fortunes.

The transfer of Sleepy is unsurprising and understandable. The Shock have no need for him and Sleepy was clearly unhappy on the bench, including publicly expressing disagreement with his substitution.

The Washington Justice are in need of new players to overhaul their team and do not have a wide range of players from which to choose, given their losing reputation. A mechanically-capable player like Sleepy could help improve the team, but it is unlikely.

Photo courtesy of the Washington Justice