San Martin PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular dropping spots in the whole game. It was popularized much earlier by shroud on the PC, but that doesn't stop players from landing on PUBG Mobile.

Here are some tricks to win landing in San Martin.

San Martin PUBG Mobile Tips

First off, you need to land quickly and efficiently. As you are flying down, map out your plan of attack and which buildings you are going to loot. Then look around to see if anyone is nearby.

Once you land, loot quickly and then you need to make a decision. If you get a decent weapon with armor and a helmet, you need to hunt down nearby enemies quickly. You'll have a massive advantage, so hunt them down!

If you can't find anything good, you need to keep listening for enemies as you loot. As soon as you hear any sounds, run for your life. You don't have the gear to take a fight.

Lastly, once looted up, you need to clear the town. Try sneaking around and listening for any enemies trying to loot. That's your best chance at not running around a corner and getting killed.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp