Santa Hat Pikachu Pokemon GO: How to Get

Santa Hat Pikachu Pokemon GO is returning! Here's what you need to know for this opportunity to catch Santa Hat Pikachu again.

The final Pokemon GO Fest will take place in Yokohama, Japan, from Aug. 6-12. During the event, players will have the chance to catch any of the special Hat Pikachu again. Each day of the event, you can encounter one of the different Hat Pikachu.

Santa Hat Pikachu Pokemon GO: How to get

You can encounter the Santa Hat Pikachu starting today. The schedule of the other Hats is yet to be determined. Players have reported that the Hat Pikachu are fairly common, though it seems you can only encounter one per day. Fear not, as you do not need to be physically at the fest in Japan to catch the hat Pikachu.

Like the last Pokemon GO Fests, there are new challenges that, if completed, will result in a week of bonuses. There will also be Raid day featuring Suicune, with a chance to encounter a Shiny Suicune.

Remember, each day will feature a different Hat Pikachu, so be sure to keep looking every day this week to catch any if you missed them the first time.

Photo courtesy of Niantic.