Score More EA Sports FC 24 Goals With the Croqueta Shot Animation

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Scoring goals in EA Sports FC 24 can prove to be a problem for players trying to climb in Rivals or get that needed win in UT Champions.

Goal-scoring opportunities and chance creations have certainly improved in FC 24 with options like:

  • Finesse Shots
  • Power Shots
  • Whipped Crossed Headers
  • Headers From Corners

The introduction of PlayStyles have revamped how players operate in game, most notably with shooting. The Finesse Shot PlayStyle+ heavily dominated the meta early on, and players like Antoine Griezmann and Mohamed Salah are still extremely popular. Scoring inside the box can still be an issue when facing top tier goalkeepers and defenders. Though, Team Gullit posted a helpful tip that can increase your probability when trying to beat the goalkeeper 1-on-1.

Score More EA Sports FC 24 Goals With the Croqueta Shot Animation

Team Gullit posted a video showcasing two clips where a player is able to score by taking advantage of the La Croqueta skill animation.

La Croqueta is accomplished by a player with at least three-star skills. Players have to hold down L1 (or LB) and execute a ball-roll input on their right analog stick. Instead of ball-rolling, the player will carry the ball (depending on directional input) from one foot to the other. This skill was very overpowered in FIFA 19, and is still good in certain situations now like moving out of a fake-shot stop.

Team Gullit took it a step further introducing the Croqueta Shot. In both clips, a player is one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Right as the player (Jamal Musiala) enters the eight-yard box, Musiala croqueta's around the goalkeeper creating a wider shot angle. Then, in the middle of the animation, the player shoots to score an easy goal. This is yet another helpful trick to add to your bag alongside simple ball-rolling, squaring passes and R1 dribbling.

Though, this particular skill should be more reliable when creating better angles from a slower starting speed in the box. Players just need to be wary of opposing defenders and timing the skill correctly.