Scrapped Seer Concept Made Him Audio-Focused

Seer's abilities originally focused on audio.
Seer's abilities originally focused on audio. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Seer joined the Apex Legends cast in Season 10 sporting a set of abilities focused on tracking enemy players, but Respawn Entertainment says the Legend went through three variations before landing on his current form.

The developers working on Apex Legends originally designed Seer as an audio-focused character, they told Dexerto. His first tactical ability was a decoy grenade that could imitate firing weapons or footsteps. Although it successfully fooled players in initial playtests, Respawn decided the decoys would make audio in the game too unreliable.

That version of Seer also had an ultimate ability that would lock sound inside a sphere. Respawn planned for this to help prevent third-party attacks.

Neither of these abilities lasted very long. Respawn also tested a proximity mine as a tactical for Seer, but scrapped that too.

Ultimately, Seer's ability set became what we see in-game: a cluster of micro-drones that send a blast through walls to interrupt and reveal enemies, a heartbeat monitor that tracks enemy heartbeats within 75 meters, and a sphere of micro drones that reveals the location of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons within the area of effect.