Scream Pique SBC: Why You Should do the Gerard Pique FIFA 20 SBC

Scream Pique SBC is a promotional Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 20 during Ultimate Scream.

Gerard Pique, a stalwart in defense for FC Barcelona, is one of the most recognizable defenders in the world. The Spanish international has had his fair share of Team of the Season and Team of the Year cards in FIFA Ultimate Team history. EA Sports gave Pique an SBC card in FIFA 20 for the Halloween themed promotion.

Here's why you should complete this card before it expires Monday.

Scream Pique SBC: Why You Should do the Gerard Pique FIFA 20 SBC

As of writing, Pique's SBC is coming in around 125,000 coins on PlayStation 4 and 130,000 coins on Xbox One.

Pique received a +16 boost to his pace and a +11 boost to dribbling. With the right chemistry style, whether an Anchor, Shadow or Sentinel, Pique becomes a 94+ rated defender. Especially with how strong La Liga defensive players have been such as Clement Lenglet and Eder Militao, Pique could feature in Ultimate Team squads from now until arguably March.

He's got Team of the Year defending statistics and for the price it's hard to pass up. The packs back for the two SBC segments aren't half bad either. Don't miss out on this fantastic value for coins SBC from EA.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports