Scump Blasts Modern Warfare: 'Warzone Saved It'

Scump has some very pointed things to say about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Do you agree with his sentiment?
Scump has some very pointed things to say about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Do you agree with his sentiment? / Photo courtesy of Call of Duty League

Seth “Scump” Abner, one of the most decorated and skilled pro Call of Duty players on the planet, recently verbally destroyed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare during a YouTube video in which the Chicago Huntsmen ranked the modern Call of Duty games from God to trash tier. While ranking the various games, Scump alongside his teammates talked about the various positives and negatives of each game as they ranked them across six tier categories. 

Call of Duty, arguably one of the most iconic video game series of all time has been enjoying unprecedented success in 2020. As one of the most successful titles during the modern Call of Duty cycle of one title per year - which Activision began in 2005 - one might think that this translates to a consensus among all players playing the game. That would be naive to say the least. 

Scump Blasts Modern Warfare

While Modern Warfare is having a record year, this is a recent development only a few months old due to the release of the Warzone Battle Royale mode - which made free-to-play COD a reality. The implementation of cross play bridging PS4, Xbox, and PC players together back in November was thought to be a milestone in itself, but the game was plagued with issues shared by pros, content creators, and the casual base - some which continue to this day. 

Apparently, this is a sentiment shared by Scump. “Have you played competitive on this game? It’s counter-intuitive. Like everything that you’ve known, it’s counter-intuitive.”, said the veteran pro player, much to the surprise of his own teammates. “It’s a squad-based spawn system, so if you sneak through you spawn into your squadmates. It’s the worst Call of Duty ever made. It might be the worst CoD ever.” 

When asked where he would place the Modern Warfare reboot on the tier list, the 24 year old answered with, “Trash, right in the trash. If Warzone didn’t come out on this game, one of the worst CoDs ever made. Warzone saved this game so unbelievably hard.”

Incredibly harsh words by someone who makes a living playing the mentioned game, but understandably so as many of the gripes he listed are shared across the community in one way or another. Do you share Scumps opinion on the status of Modern Warfare? Is Warzone the only saving grace of the 2019 title? With some type of teaser trailer coming soon for the next entry in the series within the next few weeks, all of that attention may shift to what November 2020 has to offer to the Call of Duty world.