Sea Ganoderma Locations Genshin Impact

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In Genshin Impact, Sea Ganoderma is a character ascension material for Kazuha Kaedehara found at the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Kazuha Kaedehara has finally released two days ago on June 29, 2021. He is obtainable through a wish banner until July 20.

Yet Kaedehara is not the only aspect added to Genshin Impact version 1.6. A material called Sea Ganoderma has appeared throughout the Golden Apple Achipelago.

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This material is a character ascention material that only grows in certain regions and island of the ocean. The only character who uses Sea Ganodermas is currently Kazuha Kaedehara.

Sea Ganoderma Locations Genshin Impact

Sea Ganodermas only spawn at the Golden apple Archipelago, a time-limited map during version 1.6. You can unlock this material after clearing Act Two of Midsummer Island Adventure.

33 Sea Ganodermas have been located by Genshin Impact players so far. The materials respawn every 48 hours, or a couple of days in-game time.

A bigger version of the map can be found at the unofficial Genshin Impact map website.

We are unsure how Kaedehara Kazuha will ascend after the Golden Apple Archipelago closes. The Sea Gonodermas may start spawning in Teyvat or even at Inazuma.