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Sea of Thieves 2.2.0 Patch Notes Explained

Photo courtesy of Rare

Sea of Thieves recently had its Season 3 update, bringing its Pirates of the Caribbean crossover in a series of five new Tall Tales.

Season Three of Sea of Thieves includes lots of new content fans were waiting for, including new enemies, new rewards, new events, and lots of new cosmetics in the Pirate Emporium. Not to mention, fans can now experience a brand-new storyline with Disney's Jack Sparrow himself. Here's a breakdown of everything that's new in Sea of Thieves Patch 2.2.0.

Sea of Thieves 2.2.0 Patch Notes Explained

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life

  • A New Cinematic Adventure: Five new cinematic Tall Tales have been released featuring Jack Sparrow and his friends from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Explore New Locations: New areas include the Sea of the Damned, the Sunken Kingdom, the Tunnels of the Damned, and iconic locations from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • New Commendations and Rewards
  • New Achievements

New Enemies

New enemies added include:

  • Phantoms
  • Ocean Crawlers
  • Sirens

There is also a new weapon added: the Trident of Dark Tides.

Season Three

  • Seasonal Progression and Rewards: includes the Daring Deceiver clothing set, unique Season Three specials and time-limited Blue Horizon collectibles. Pirate Legends can unlock the Sudds’ Jacket and Ferry of the Damned Figurehead.
  • New Season 3 Trials
  • New Season 3 Emissary Ledger Rewards

Game Events

  • Flags of Friendship (starts July 1): Noticing lots of new visitors to the Sea of Thieves, Larinna seeks to make the seas a little more welcoming for them by encouraging more experienced pirates to eliminate some of the greatest threats.
  • Season Three Twitch Drops
  • Season Three Prime Gaming

You can find the full patch notes on the official site.