Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Journals Guide

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In the Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Tall Tale, you can find five journals. Journals aren't crucial to completing the quest, but they contain interesting bits of lore, and finding them all awards you with the "Pieces of Silver" commendation, so it's a good idea to grab them all.

Below is a guide to the locations of all the journals in the Sunken Pearl quest. For a more detailed walkthrough on how to complete the Sunken Pearl quest, check out our guide here.

Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Journals Guide

Sunken Pearl is the second Tall Tale in the "A Pirate's Life" series, the all-new collaboration storyline with Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. To begin the quest, you'll need to have finished the first Tall Tale, "A Pirate's Life."

There are a total of five journals throughout the quest, all of which are in the Spire or the Citadel.

Sea of Thieves sunken pearl tall tale journal
Find the five journals / Photo courtesy of Rare

1. A Run of Good Luck

After you break through the first barrier in the Spire by hitting the pink flower, you'll enter a tall room with several siren statue puzzles to solve. The first journal, "A Run of Good Luck," is in this room behind some debris and under a purple rock formation.

2. An Ancient Mystery

Once you solve all three siren statues in the Spire, the water level will rise to the top of the room, allowing you to leave. Before you do so, swim along the walls of the room to find the second journal, "An Ancient Mystery," near some red rocks.

3. Unwanted Company

Past the large Citadel door, you'll find two pieces of a shipwreck. Search the left shipwreck for the third journal, "Unwanted Company."

4. From Bad to Worse

Exit the room where you found the last journal and swim up the tunnel. The next room you come across will have more siren statues in it. Head right and swim down into an opening, and you'll find the fourth journal, "From Bad to Worse," on a piece of shipwreck.

5. Don't Look for Us

The final journal, "Don't Look for Us," is in a large chamber in the Citadel with a pulley. Pull on the pulley to lower a piece of shipwreck; jump onto it, and it will raise you to a higher piece of shipwreck. Search that shipwreck for the journal.