Sea Treasure Token Warzone 2: How to Get, Where to Redeem

Sea Treasure Tokens can unlock loot for players on Ashika Island.
Sea Treasure Tokens can unlock loot for players on Ashika Island. / Activision

Sea Treasure Tokens, a new currency in Resurgence mode, are available to collect and spend on Ashika Island in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

The return of fan-favorite Resurgence mode brings a new map with seven POIs and a Restore Honor feature for fallen players and their teammates. As players explored Ashika Island with the release of Season 2, they also were introduced to Sea Treasure Tokens.

The tokens are only found in Resurgence mode on Ashika Island. They can be collected from supply drops, fallen players, or any crates and containers on the map. So, once they are in your inventory, what can you do with them?

Here's a breakdown of the where to spend the currency on Ashika Island, and the possible in-game rewards for players.

Sea Treasure Token Warzone 2

The Sea Treasure Tokens can be used to unlock rewards from vending machines in four gas stations across Ashika Island. Players must travel to these four POIs to find the stations and the vending machines:

  • Beach Club
  • Town Center
  • Residential
  • Port Ashika

Once a player inputs tokens in the vending machines, they will be rewarded with items ranging from an armor plate to a fully equipped weapon. If they are lucky, the vending machine will turn green and drop a weapon or a killstreak. Other times, the vending machine will only drop a single piece of equipment, like a stim.

In such a chaotic environment, players should aim to collect the loot available in the vending machines once they obtain Sea Treasure Tokens. The more equipment, the better their chances are of winning a Resurgence match.