Seagull Explains Why He Won't Return to Overwatch in its Current State

Ex-Overwatch pro Brandon "Seagull" Larned recently took to Twitch to explain his absence from the game and his refusal to return.

Seagull took his time to explain that he is not enjoying Overwatch and that the current meta "sucks." He states that he would love to play the game but with long queue times combined with double shield meta comprised of Orisa and Sigma, he isn't enjoying the game and doesn't look to go back to it until there are changes.

There was a ton of outrage with the last Overwatch meta in GOATS, which comprised of three tanks and three healers. With the most recent update of 2-2-2 Role Queue, the meta took a drastic turn. But with the addition of the newest Overwatch hero Sigma, it didn't change much in the minds of players.

We will have to see what changes Blizzard will implement in the game as there are hopes of some nerfs coming into the game, but as of right now the meta is not changing.