Search Chests Inside Containers With Windows Fortnite Locations

Search chests inside containers with windows Fortnite locations is the newest challenge players are searching for the answer.

Epic Games has released another challenge for Fortnite where you need to search a number of chests that are inside containers with windows. This challenge is a prestige challenge and will only be available if you have the battle pass and have prestiged other missions.

Search Chests Inside Containers With Windows Fortnite Locations

There are seven separate locations where you can complete this challenge.

One is North East of Happy Hamlet, but West of Fatal Fields. You should be able to find it in the container with a window on the side.

There is another container in a building near to the first location and it will be red with a window on the side again.

Near Dusty Depot, many containers are stacked together and the one with the window is the one at the very top, and very close by is another in the building that is underneath the meteor's landing zone.

The last one you need to complete the challenge can be found South East of Paradise Palms where it can be found in a half open container.

Cover Image Courtesy of Epic Games