Search Where the Knife is Pointing Fortnite: What to do

Photo courtesy of Epic Games
Photo courtesy of Epic Games /

Search where the knife is pointing Fortnite to pick up the latest Battle Star. The direction itself is deceptively straightforward. All it takes to figure it out is a little knowledge of the classic Fortnite Battle Star formula. Here's where to search.

Search Where the Knife is Pointing Fortnite

The key to figuring out where to search for the Battle Star lies in the treasure map loading screen called Isle of Treasure. Players unlock the loading screen at tier 10 of the Season 8 Battle Pass.

In the past, this loading screen was used to send players to the area it highlighted with a magnifying glass. Now, the focus is shifted to the knife planted in the top right of the map.

The knife marks a spot on the east edge of the Fortnite map, just north of where the desert and the forest meet. If players head there and search around the nearby trees, they'll find a dark patch of grass with the Battle Star floating above it.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games