Season: A Letter to the Future Release Date

Photo Courtesy of PlayStation Australia YouTube

Season: A Letter to the Future's release date, or window rather, has been announced. The third-person adventure game has been set to release in Autumn 2022 on both PS4 and PS5.

The game follows a young woman by the name of Estelle, who lives in a village that sits atop a mountain. That mountain protects the village from changing seasons that take place below. Estelle sets out from the village to capture the season, which is about to undergo a strange change.

What is Season: A Letter to the Future?

You are to ride your bike around the world and explore anything you see. Using your tools, you try to unravel the mysterious world around you. By taking pictures and recording with your camera you work to understand the world around you.

For PS5 players, an interesting feature comes with the DualSense controller.
Photo Courtesy of PlayStation

Along your journey you will meet locals of the strange world. With the seasons changing soon, you must help the people you see along the way. While helping the people, they will help you understand the world in which you are riding around. Your overall goal in the game, to protect this unfamiliar world from being forgotten forever.

For PS5 players, an interesting feature comes with the DualSense controller. While you are riding your bike across the terrain, the controller's haptics will respond accordingly. If you are biking up a hill, the controllers' triggers will offer more resistance. And riding across bumpy terrain will be felt in the controller with small vibrations.

In the end, you and Estelle will discover what this world is, what the seasons are and why the world is coming to an end.