Seattle Surge Releases Entire CDL Roster

Seattle Surge announced that they have released their entire CDL roster on Friday afternoon
Seattle Surge announced that they have released their entire CDL roster on Friday afternoon / Photo courtesy of the Call of Duty League

The Seattle Surge has dropped its entire Call of Duty League roster in the middle of CoD Champs. The past two seasons of the CDL have been difficult for the Surge as the team struggled to live up to the expectations of many fans.

On paper, the Surge's roster seemed like a powerhouse with notable players such as Peirce "Gunless" Hillman and Sam "Octane" Larew. Unfortunately, this on-paper potential didn't transfer into the lobby as the Surge went 5-18 and 11-25 in the 2020 and 2021 regular seasons, respectively.

Despite the potential of this team, it consistently failed to get results. Clearly, the Seattle Surge organization, much like the fans, expected better results and didn't like what they were seeing, so they dropped the entire roster.

The Surge's announcement shocked the CDL world. Fans still believed the team had promise and core gunners that they could build the team around, yet the Surge disagreed.

With no players or coaches under contract, the Seattle Surge appears to be looking for a complete rebuild. As a result of the Surge's cleaning house, many are expecting multiple hectic and exciting roster moves during the offseason. Other organizations will definitely be paying attention to the former Surge members as they looked promising and put together a good performance during the second half of the 2021 CDL season.

Danny "Loony" Loza and Octane took to Twitter to express their anticipation for in the aftermath of their release. Notably, Octane showcased his excitement of parting ways with the Surge as he tweeted a gif screaming "FREEDOM!!!" He also said "I feel like I watched COD for 2 seasons but NO MORE BABY."

While some former Surge players are looking forward to what comes next, Preston "Prestinni" Sanderson was not one of them. On Twitter, he told fans that he was unsure of what his future held and that there was a real possibility he took a break from competing in the coming CDL season.

Only time will tell what next season's CDL rosters look like, but it appears fans are in for yet another year of roster mania.