Second Extinction Release Date Information

Second Extinction release date has yet to be named
Second Extinction release date has yet to be named / Systemic Reaction

Second Extinction release date is on the minds of every first-person shooting genre fan excited for the new Xbox Series X.

The game was announced alongside several other titles during the Inside Xbox livestream presentation last week. Second Extinction features a world lost to mutant, rampaging dinosaurs, where players are sent in on an important mission to completely wipe out the creatures and "reclaim Earth." It's primarily a co-opt game meant for three players to join in the bloody campaign together.

Second Extinction Release Date Information

Like many of the titles shown during the presentation, Second Extinction lacks a concrete release date. The console will be ready for launch around the holiday season this year, closer to November or December, so it wouldn't be incorrect to assume that the game may become available around the same time. Otherwise, developer and publisher Systemic Reaction hasn't come forward with a date.

Players will be able to purchase the game for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Due to this, we may be able to derive that Second Extinction will release closer to the start of the new console's launch rather than later—or possibly into the next year.

Additionally, the game is slated for a "Smart Delivery" meaning that players will only have to buy it once to get it on both current Xbox consoles.

Second Extinction will also be available for PC via Steam.