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Seer Bug Causes the Character to Lose Scan Function in Apex Legends Season 15

Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends YouTuber found a rather annoying bug in Apex Legends Season 15 involving Seer. The Recon Legend technically doesn't have his recon ability at the moment. And based on comments from Reddit and the video, other players are experiencing the same problem.

The fact is that Seer can approach the scan towers and the prompt appears to scan the map, but the game won't let it happen. As of now, Respawn doesn't have a fixed in place or has even acknowledged it yet.

Players enjoying the new season are slowly learning the new map, and enjoying some unannounced buffs to Loba and Lifeline.

It seems that Support Bins can now only be opened by Support Legends which, at the time of writing, limits this to only Lifeline and Loba. Players using any other Legend will no longer have access to this extra loot. These are two examples of Respawn working on passive abilities for certain classes in Apex Legends. Moving forward, expect them to continue to tweak these abilities to have an impact on the game on a wider level without having to target only one Legend.