Seer Nerf Potentially on the Way According to Apex Legends Dev

Apex Legends is a team game, and sometimes different characters can become too overpowered hurting the team aspect of the game.

When a character or a weapon becomes too overpowered, a nerf occurs to help level out the competition. That could potentially be on the way for Seer, one of the most heavily picked legends in the game.

Josh Medina, a senior producer at Respawn Entertainment, recently shared his thoughts on Twitter about the game and the idea of gentlemen's agreements to ban characters from competitive games.

Gentlemen's Agreements are not a new ideology in games. Call of Duty pros are constantly shaking things up with what weapons are agreed upon, and the same could be said for other games like Halo and Overwatch 2.

The conversation on Twitter centered around the character Seer. Seer has become one of the more controversial players in the game, considering how overpowered he has become. Medina had some interesting words to say on the topic:

So, it seems as though a potential nerf could be in the works for Seer. If you constantly play as Seer in the game, now might be the time to get used to a new character as "everyone's time is coming."

Maybe that nerf will come in the Wintertide Collection Event that is sure to bring a lot of new legends and weapon skins to the game. With streamers like Aceu speaking out about the state of the game, change definitely needs to come quickly in Apex.