Seer's Pick Rate Drops After Major Nerfs

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment /

The newest addition to Apex Legends, Seer, caught the eye of most players upon his launch alongside Season 10 Emergence. When Seer was dropped into the character pool, he instantly became a must-pick agent in the current meta, as his kit was by far the best in the game. Respawn has been quick to tone this down, however, and Seer has already seen major changes, taking him from the most played character in the game to possibly even out of the meta.

Seer saw changes to every single part of his kit. His passive saw the most tuning though. The Heart Seeker has seen increased cooldown, reduced range, and removal of its center circle ellipses. His Focus of Attention Tactical has seen a timing nerf, as well as changes to the way it impacts players. The ability no longer damages or flashes enemies, only tagging them for tracking. His ultimate saw a 30-second cooldown increase as well, really hammering in the point that Respawn wishes for Seer to be much less dominating with his abilities at all points in a game.

Many players are not happy with the vast changes already made to the new character, and the response has been quick. Seer has already seen over a 50% decrease in pick rate, and that will more than likely continue to drop. The nerf has pushed Seer out of the spotlight in Apex Legends, which he was only able to occupy for a very short time. Hopefully, Riot can continue to tune the character so he has a place in the meta of the game while not being completely overbearing to deal with, but time will tell.