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Sega to Adapt Space Channel 5, Comix Zone as Movies

Comix Zone was released in 1995.
Comix Zone was released in 1995. / Courtesy of Sega, via EightBitHD

Sega is doubling down on the success of the Sonic films by announcing plans to adapt two of its more niche series into feature films.

In a statement published Friday, Sega said it would partner with production company Picturestart to develop adaptations of Space Channel 5 and Comix Zone, two relatively obscure games it released in the 1990s.

Space Channel 5 was a music game that received two installments on the Dreamcast in the 90s, followed by a PlayStation 2 port and a Game Boy Advance version. Comix Zone, meanwhile, was released in 1995 for Sega Genesis, with PC and Game Boy Advance ports later on.

The Hollywood Reporter reports Space Channel 5 will be a "comedy/dance adaptation of the cult-classic 1999 dance game" that tells the story of "a hapless fast-food worker who is recruited by a freedom reporter from the future to save the world from aliens using the one thing that unites all people on the planet: our love of silly viral dances."

Barry Battles ("The Baytown Outlaws", 2012) and Nir Paniry ("Extracted", 2012) will write the script.

Comix Zone is being adapted as "Zone," will follow a pair of comic book writers who get sucked into the final issue of one's popular series in a mismatched buddy adventure. It'll be written by Mae Catt ("Young Justice," "Dragons: The Nine Realm").

Royce Reeves-Darby and Erik Feig will oversee the projects at Picturestart, which recently released "Am I OK?" and "Cha Cha Real Smooth." The company is also one of several producing the Lionsgate adaptation of Gearbox and 2K Games' Borderlands series.