Select Smart Genshin Impact: How to Make the Personality Quiz Work

courtesy of miHoYo

Find which Genshin Impact character you resemble the most through a quiz on Select Smart.

Have you ever wondered which Genshin Impact character you are like? There are a total of 33 playable characters in the game; each one is individualized by miHoYo with unique characteristics. Every character has their birthday and favorite food stated, and their voice lines tell us their personalities.

While each of you may have favorites in the game, it is another issue of being similar to a character. Keep that in mind and get ready to find out your soul character in Genshin Impact.

Select Smart Genshin Impact: How to Make the Personality Quiz Work

Enter the Select Smart website. No log-in is required. Find a yellow box bordered in red that reads "The first selector question is below' and start answering.

There are 24 questions in total and you have three choices of answers. If you select "No preference" for any of the questions it will be skipped, meaning the question will not be taken into consideration to influence results.

You may feel that there is a question that relates to you stronger than another one. The "prioritize your choice above" option is for that. If you wish not to go into too much detail for the quiz, you can keep everything as "Medium."

Once you are done, go to the very bottom and click "SHOW ME MY RESULTS!"

Select Smart Genshin Impact: Results Explained

You will be lead to the results page to show who your character is. The numbers next to the name of the character are how much you match them. Unfortunately, there are only 23 characters in the data.

The quiz is available on Select Smart- go find out which character you resemble the most!