Selfmade Transfers to Team Vitality, Fnatic's Bwipo Moves to Jungle

Fnatic has announced major roster changes
Fnatic has announced major roster changes / Photo by Riot Games

In an announcement on Wednesday, Fnatic revealed changes to the League of Legends roster, primarily that they have parted ways with Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek, and that Gabriël "Bwipo" Rau would be switching positions, from top lane to jungle.

In a statement from the organization, Fnatic revealed that Selfmade had declined a contract extension, and with the team pondering a change at jungle, Fnatic offered Selfmade a role as a substitute. Selfmade instead desired to start for a team, and with the two at a crossroads, Fnatic gave Selfmade to seek out other opportunities that would allow him a starter position. With Team Vitality seeking to amp up their roster ahead of the summer split, Selfmade was transferred and will start for Team Vitality as a jungler in the summer split.

With Fnatic needing to fill their hole, the team also announced that Bwipo would be role-swapping ahead of the summer split, playing jungle for the first time in his professional career. In an additional statement released by Fnatic, the team had previously considered a change, and believe Bwipo has a natural feel for the position, with his aggressive style of play.

Making a massive change before a crucial split may prove to be a challenge for both Fnatic and Team Vitality, and it remains to be seen how these transactions will affect both teams' performance going ahead.

With the summer split quickly approaching its June 11 start date, fans will be eagerly watching both Fnatic and Team Vitality, and whether these roster changes will make an impact, whether that's positive or negative.