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Sentinel Starter Bundles Explained

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Sentinel starter bundles will be available with the release of Patch 11.16 for Teamfight Tactics. Three new little legends cosplaying as your favorite sentinels can be bought in two different bundles that will contain the new little legends plus more.

Two bundles will be available for purchase on release. Bundle one will give you the Sentinel Hauntling along with a small assortment of bonus little legend eggs. Bundle two will give you the Sentinel Craggle and Flutterbug along with a large assortment of extra goodies that include star shards and more eggs.

Sentinel Starter Bundles Explained

Here are the full contents of each bundle.

Bundle one:

  • Sentinel Hauntling
  • Bonus Series 1 Little Legend Egg
  • Bonus Series 2 Little Legend Egg
  • Bonus Series 3 Little Legend Egg

Bundle two:

  • Sentinel Craggle
  • Sentinel Flutterbug
  • Bonus Series 4 Little Legend Egg
  • Bonus Series 5 Little Legend Egg
  • Bonus Friends from Afar Egg
  • Bonus Cosmic Companions Egg
  • Bonus Immortal Creatures Egg
  • 100 Star Shards

Along with the new bundles, Riot Games is hosting a charity drive pool that will be donated to the Social Impact Fund. Money is raised by players doing certain things across different Riot games. In TFT, three starring any unit will help contribute to the charity pool.