Seoul Dynasty's Uses Ana and Winston Combo Against New York Excelsior

Ana and Winston have amazing synergy, proven by "Creative" and "Gesture" playing the two in Eichenwalde.
Ana and Winston have amazing synergy, proven by "Creative" and "Gesture" playing the two in Eichenwalde. / Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

One of the strongest and most difficult healers in the game turned the tide of the match around with one use of her ultimate, Nano Boost. Young-wan "Creative" Kim used Ana while his teammate, Jae-hee "Gesture" Hong activated Winston's Primal Rage in Eichenwalde's first point while playing against New York Excelsior.

Statistically, the game felt like it was in favor of Seoul Dynasty given that hybrid is the map type the team excels at the most, and Eichenwalde, in particular, is one that has garnered them the most victories (13-8-1) but the combo of Ana and Winston is one that is being analyzed now.

Currently, Nano Boost can heal the ally that it is targeted to 300 health points and throughout its duration, the ally takes 50% less damage and their damage is increased by 50%. This has changed since Ana's release, wherein Nano Boost used to decrease the damage dealt by 75% (so, tanks were almost immortal).

Winston when in Primal Rage can deal 40 damage per swing, not to mention that he already deals 50 when landing from his Jump Pack ability. With Nano Boost, this means that a Winston can jump, deal 75 damage when landing on an opponent and then 60 damage points when striking them once. This deadly combo is what helped Seoul Dynasty secure a victory against New York Excelsior.

  • Watch starting at the 2:13:55 mark to see the Creative and Gesture combo.

Sure, Winston is a large target, but he has 1000 health points and takes 50% less damage while Ana is using her ultimate on him. Another reason to use this combination is that Primal Rage aside, Winston's Tesla Cannon can deal 60 damage per second to multiple enemies. Now imagine dealing 90 damage per second, you can quite literally kill most characters within two seconds especially if you use the cannon and some melee attacks in between the reloading.

So, healers, get a tank main buddy and try out the Winston-Ana combo for your next competitive matches (or Quick Play matches, whichever rocks your boat) and level up with the victories waiting for you!