Seoul Dynasty Signs Former Vancouver Titans Support SLIME

SLIME joined the Seoul Dynasty on Thursday.
SLIME joined the Seoul Dynasty on Thursday. / Robert Paul/Blizzard

The Seoul Dynasty added former Vancouver Titans support player Sung-jun "SLIME" Kim to its roster Thursday.

"After I left my team, I contacted other teams and I thought Seoul Dynasty is the team that is closest to my goal, winning the championship," SLIME said in a video announcing his signing.

Before joining the Vancouver Titans, SLIME played for RunAway, the perpetual underdog South Korean team with a passionate global fanbase that dates back to before the establishment of the Overwatch League. When the Titans dissolved that roster May 6, fans were eager to see where its component pieces would land. SLIME is the first player to reveal his new home in the League.

Seoul currently fields legendary Lúcio player Jin-mo "tobi" Yang in its support position. The team next plays the Chengdu Hunters on Saturday.