Serpentine Perk Continues to Frustrate Players in Warzone Season 5

Photo Courtesy of Activision

Despite recent efforts by Raven Software to nerf the Serpentine perk, it continues to provide an unfair advantage for players in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Serpentine is infamous amongst Warzone fans for making it extremely difficult for players to eliminate anyone that has it equipped. For those unaware, Serpentine grants users reduced damage from fire, explosives, and enemy bullets while sprinting. This has led to many disgruntled players asking for some kind of change that could balance the powerful perk.

One of the many upset Warzone players is content creator theboisantana. His difficulty dealing with an opponent equipped with Serpentine is showcased in a video uploaded by Warzone Nation titled, "THE NEW SERPENTINE PERK IS SERIOUSLY BROKEN IN WARZONE😳"

In this video, we can see theboisantana attempting to take out his opponent as they're running away from him. Theboisantana is able to land multiple hits on his opponent during the shootout, but it does not seem to do much damage. Unfortunately, theboisantana reaches his boiling point once his opponent is able to eliminate him despite his efforts.

Reddit user OnePiece285 had a similar experience in a video he shared on Reddit. Encounters such as these, have left many scratching their heads at how the perk could still be so powerful, despite the myriad of nerfs it has received. Recently, Raven software nerfed the perk by restricting it to only work while tactical sprinting and removing further damage protection from explosive and fire damage.