Shadow Bomb Fortnite is one of the many additions that arrived just before the start of Fortnite Season 9. The item allows a player to vanish into thin air, buffing their speed and letting them perform both wall jumps and double jumps. To push players to become acquainted with the item, Epic Games assigned a challenge tasking players with dealing damage after using the Shadow Bomb. Here's how to do it.

Shadow Bomb Fortnite: How to Deal Damage to an Opponent After Using Shadow Bomb

Stating the obvious, the first step to completing this challenge is to find a Shadow Bomb. Multiple copies of the item will make things even easier, in case you need to make multiple attempts.

You'll also want to find a weapon that can deal massive burst damage, such as a rocket launcher. Failing that, any high damage weapon will do the trick.

Look for an enemy team, taking care that they don't see you. Finding one already engaged in combat is a good way to take them unaware. Use the Shadow Bomb to sneak up behind them, then start unloading with your weapon of choice.

Even if your first attempt doesn't complete the challenge, trying again will continue to add to your total, making it easy to reach 200 damage over multiple tries.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games