Shadow Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO Will Make Its Debut

courtesy of Nintendo

Shadow Ho-Oh will be the new Shadow Legendary in Pokemon Go for two months, starting this June.

Nintendo has made an announcement that Shadow Ho-Oh will be making its first appearance in-game. The rivalry between Giovanni and Professor Willow continues as player fight against Team Go Rocket.

Shadow Ho-Oh will be replacing Shadow Zapdos' spot as Giovanni's new shadow legendary.

Shadow Ho-Oh Pokemon Go

Shadow Ho-Oh will be available from June 16 at 11 p.m. ET to August 31 at 11 p.m. ET. During this time period, find Giovanni and defeat him to capture the Pokemon.

How to Capture Shadow Ho-Oh

You will need an item called "Super Rocket Radar" in order to find Giovanni. If you do not have a Super Rocket Radar, do not worry. "Seven Colored Shadow" is a special research program that provides the Radar.

Equip the Radar from your bag, and this will show you Team Go Rocket boss headquarters in black Pokestops. Find Geovanni, win the match, and capture Shadow Ho-Oh.

Don't forget about the Limited Research Event in June which has an abundance of rewards including 25 Pokeballs.