Shadow Man Remastered Revealed for PC and Console

The cult classic Shadow Man is remastered.
The cult classic Shadow Man is remastered. / Photo by Nightspane Studios.

Shadow Man Remastered was announced today, coming to PC and Consoles from Nightdive Studios.

Shadow Man Remastered

Shadow Man, originally developed my Acclaim, originally released in 1999 for N64, PS1, Dreamcast and PC. The game was based on the Shadow Man comics by Valiant. You play as the Shadow Man, a voodoo wielding warrior who defends the realm of the living against the evil forces of the Deadside created by Jack the Ripper. It's got that distinct '90s aroma.

The Remaster is being handled by Nightdive Studios, who have made it their mission to restore classic and obscure games from a bygone era. Previously, Nightdive remastered and rereleased such cult classics like Turok, System Shock 2 and most of the Humongous Entertainment (Pajama Sam, Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish) library.

The game was well received upon its initial release, but the series's legacy is remembered as containing one of the most outrageous marketing schemes in video game history. The sequel, Shadow Man: 2econd Coming, infamously had plans to put marketing materials on real tombstones, offering relatives of the deceased payment for the advertisement space.

Shadow Man Remastered Release Date

No release date has been announced yet, but Shadow Man Remastered will be coming to PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.