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Shadow Rising Pack Fortnite: Everything You Need to Know

Shadow Rising Pack Fortnite was introduced in the Fortnite store for a reasonable price.

These packs were first introduced in Season 7.

Shadow Rising Pack Fortnite

Fortnite's Season 9 Shadow Rising Pack went on sale for $19.99. But you get three skins, three back blings, and a gun wrap.

Shadow Skully Skin (Epic)
Shadowbird Skin (Epic)
Perfect Shadow Skin (Epic)
Stark Satchel Back Bling (Epic)
Shadowbird Wings Back Bling (Epic)

Perfect Wings Back Bling (Epic) 

Array Wrap (Rare)

Epic Games hasn't specified on how long the pack will be available, but these usually last a month or longer.

Besides the new skin pack, Season 9 saw the introduction of Fortbytes. Fortbyte #11 is beneath a parrot while Fortbyte #43 is inside a banana stand. Those two of the latest Fortbytes revealed.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games