Shadowgun War Games Brings Overwatch Style Gameplay to Mobile

Overwatch isn't mobile game, but Shawdowgun War Games brings Overwatch style gameplay to mobile.
Overwatch isn't mobile game, but Shawdowgun War Games brings Overwatch style gameplay to mobile. / Madfinger Games

Madfinger Games is bringing the methodical and skillful gameplay of Overwatch to mobile with the development of its newest mobile game, Shadowgun War Games.

Although the game is not yet publically available, a recent report from Android Authority gives insight into what players can expect from the next installment in the popular Shadowgun series.

What is Shadowgun War Games?

Shadowgun War Games is a first person shooter game that features two teams of five players each. Although there may be more game modes when the game is released, the closed beta had only Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

Longer gun fights are the main element of gameplay and unlike other FPS games such as Call of Duty: Mobile, quick kills are a rarity unless one team finds a single enemy player out of position.

The Characters of Shadowgun War Games

The closed beta also featured only five characters each with different roles, abilities and weapons. According to the developer, when the game is eventually released to the public, the game will include more characters and unique skins available for purchase.

Each of the five characters in the closed beta, Sara, Jet, Revenant, Willow, and Slade filled a unique roll in the team compositions with each team needing a balanced roster in order to win the game.

  • Sara - Sara is the support character in the game, with a bubble shield and blast healing grenade to protect her allied.
  • Revenant - Revenant is the tank with two abilities that allow him to take more damage, move quickly, and disorient enemy combatants.
  • Jet and Willow - Jet and Willow are both attackers, with Jet being a close-range champion and Willow being more of a glass cannon sniper.
  • Slade - Slade is a standard gunfighter character that has one offensive and one defensive ability. He can throw a powerful grenade to damage enemies and regenrate his own health. His basic kit makes him a great champion for players just getting started with the game.

Shadowngun War Games Release

Players who are interested in trying out Shadowgun War Games unfortunately have to wait until the developer releases the game on iOS and Android. Although there are no details as to when the game will be released, players can pre-order the game on their device through the developer's website. Pre-ordering the game also gives players the chance to join the closed beta on Jan. 23.