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Shadowlands 9.1 Preview: What to Expect

Chains of Domination will release on June 29
Chains of Domination will release on June 29 / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft latest expansion, Shadowlands is set to receive its first content update with the release of patch 9.1, Chains of Domination on June 29. As the first big content update for the expansion, it’ll bring a lot of new changes. Here’s what to expect from Shadowlands 9.1.

Shadowlands 9.1 Preview: What to Expect

New Story Missions 

The initial Covenant campaigns have been wrapped up by players after they reached Renown level 40, this has left plenty of questions for players when it comes to the story. Once 9.1 goes live, players will be able to answer some of these questions.

New Raid - Sanctum of Domination 

The new update brings on the first new raid, Sanctum of Domination. Players got to fell Sire Denathirus in Castle Nathria and have been rearing to take the fight up to The Jailer. Sanctum of Domination will feature a total of 10 bosses, some of these being the lich, Kel’Thuzad, and Sylvanas as the final boss. 

Broker Megadungeon

As the first new dungeon, Broken Megadungeon will have a total of eight bosses that will only be available in the Mythic difficulty. Seasoned players can think of a similar or familiar idea to the Return to Karazhan from Legion. 

New Zone - Korthia

As with any new content update in the game, a new zone usually falls into place. It will be the same for 9.1 as Korthia joins as a new zone. The City of Secrets is technically part of The maw but is detached, containing unique creatures, quests, rewards, treasures, and more.

Mounts - Flying

The patch also will finally bring flying into the mix while also adding a wide variety of new mounts. 

For more information and the rest of what’s to come for 9.1, visit Blizzard’s official website here.