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Shadowlands 9.2 'Eternity's End' Release Date Unknown

Zereth Mortis in World of Warcraft
Zereth Mortis in World of Warcraft / Credit to Blizzard Entertainment

The Shadowlands 9.2 'Eternity's End' Release date is still unknown.

Earlier on Thursday, Blizzard released a developer preview video on the official World of Warcraft YouTube channel discussing some of the new content coming in the Eternity's End update. Eternity's End will be the final patch of the Shadowlands Expansion that began on Nov. 23, 2020.

The update adds Zereth Mortis, a land built by The First Ones with the purpose of creating afterlives. The Jailer has disrupted the intentions of The First Ones by entering this realm unpermitted. The Eternity's End story picks up from there as players are tasked with protecting Zereth Mortis and standing against The Jailer.

Shadowlands 9.2 'Eternity's End Release Date Unknown

One of the only questions that Blizzard's developer preview of Eternity's End left unanswered was when it would release. Some highlights of content coming in the new patch include a new realm named Zereth Mortis, new creatures that inhabit this realm and new armor sets for players to wear.

Patch 9.1.5 was released just barely over a week ago so Blizzard is likely not in any rush to release version 9.2.