Shadowlands 9.2 Protoform Synthesis Mount Guide

Courtesy of Blizzard

Wanting to farm the new mounts in Shadowlands 9.2? Here's everything you need to know.

With the release of Patch 9.2, Blizzard added a total of 41 Mounts to World of Warcraft. Whether you are wanting to find out more about a specific mount or a completionist looking to add to your collection, this guide has what you need.

Eternities End added a new research system, Cypher of the First Ones, that players must keep up with to stay current in the new patch. Inside that system, there is Protoform Synthesis, which allows players to craft 23 Mounts from reagents.

Shadowlands 9.2 Protoform Synthesis Mount Guide

To unlock Protoform Synthesis, players must first fully research Sopranian Understanding and complete the quest chain that comes after. All Mounts are crafted with a select amount of Genesis Motes, one Lattice (corresponding with the mount that you wish to craft) and one Rare Reagent from Zereth Mortis.

Lattices are the trickiest part about the Protoform Synthesis system and are farmed by killing mobs in Zereth Mortis. Essentially, if you would like to craft the Heartbond Lupine Mount which is a wolf, you should kill wolf mobs and rares to obtain the Lattice required. That is typically how this system works, whatever kind of animal the Mount you wish is, that's the mobs that will drop the Lattices.

The Rare Reagents are also found in various places around Zereth Mortis. Much like the Lattices, Reagents correspond with the mount that you wish to craft. They are found all over, from Treasures in the zone to Venders.

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